Rhonemus Group feels strongly Human Resources belongs at the senior/executive table to help guide and craft Human Capital strategy and objectives.

Out of this collaboration we develop an understanding of what is important to the HR team and the business unit. Our Human Resource Consulting serves as an extension of our internal team helping with projects such as Succession Planning, Outplacement, Executive Coaching, Candidate Assessment, Career Development for Next Gen Bankers and “Fintologists”(Technology-based Banking professionals), and Compensation.

Succession Planning

An inadequate succession plan makes you a target for activist investors to build up shares to leverage a vote to replace leadership or worse sell the bank. Succession plans help everyone from branch to board, and can be viewed as an important employee retention tool.

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Our 7 Tips to a Successful Succession Plan

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Executive Coaching

Our team is prepared to work with you or your team to improve team dynamics or individual performance with the PDP Works assessment tool as the foundation to identify and create personalized development plans.


This is one of the most undervalued areas when considering M&A deals. Social media and crisis management is often under the radar related to planned reduction in force. Some mergers result in 25-35% job loss, without a plan to support these people could not only derail a planned merger but result in reducing the original value of the merger. Our outplacement services provide a way for executive management on both sides of a merger to support their soon to be released employees. The outplacement plan or strategy should be included in Risk Assessment of any proposed M&A deal.

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Outplacement White Paper

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Career Development for Next Gen Bankers

Our team can help you coach and mentor our next generation of bankers. This program is developed with high potential performers in mind, helping them navigate and prepare for each step in their career.

Candidate Assessment (PDP Works)

Measure, Map and Mine Your Workforce Potential

Our team is certified in a proven testing platform. The core of the PDP is the ProScan Survey and its resulting comprehensive reporting. In less than 10 minutes, individuals mark to what degree they believe 60 different descriptors match their characteristics and how they believe others perceive them. The data is analyzed by PDP’s proprietary online application, generating complete, easily-interpreted reports for individuals, executives, and search committees. From there the PDP Management System, including JobScan and TeamScan, is applied and implemented.

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Compensation Consulting White Paper


Our approach to compensation is directly tied to talent acquisition strategies and current market trends. Knowledge is power, applies to Compensation more today than ever in our past. Our team leverages “live” data cuts at the core of our compensation consulting. Our depth in Executive Search provides real data others can only dream about.

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