A difficult and often missed topic of discussion in the M&A space is the dreaded “reduction in force” talk.

There is an opportunity for both institutions involved in a merger to address this in a fair and socially responsible way. Our consultants are experts in assisting displaced employees with training, and giving them the tools to properly present themselves to new opportunities.

Our Outplacement Approach

Our outplacement consulting team offers a holistic approach to the transition with as much focus on the person as the resume, skills, and social media persona.


Our process starts with an in depth assessment tool, PDP ProScan, designed to identify and explain different characteristics to assist in identifying the best fit.

Resume Review

Our resume review process starts with your current resume and helps you craft a document and introduction letter that attracts more attention from potential hiring managers.

Introduction Letter

Our introduction letter provides feedback and instruction on how to write an intro letter to prospective employers. This is the same process we use for candidates involved in an executive search.


Our resume review is completed in conjunction with a face-to-face interview. This interview is the same interview process we use for our executive search clients.

Social Media

Our social media program is a classroom-style interactive training and development session intended to teach the value and importance of your social media accounts to find a new role.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our commitment to your displaced employees goes beyond these steps. It includes career coaching and mentoring up to 6 months.

Our fast-moving economy and market conditions sometimes make a merger or acquisition a smart business decision. However, this may be lost on employees impacted with job loss. Our process will help you and your business hold true to your core values while at the same time give displaced employees the best opportunity to find a new home.

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