Our search process is not about who is in our database; it’s an active process to make contact with highly-qualified top talent with the skills you are looking for in your market.

This process starts with a significant investment in research, and once completed a strategic calling plan is implemented with a digital touch strategy to reach the best people in the market.

Our Executive Search Process

Initial Candidate Pool

Over 85% of our searches start with a large candidate pool, in many cases in the hundreds.

Assessment & Screening

Our assessment process and screening dives deep into a candidate’s motivation and desires before ever being presented to our clients.

Candidate Presentation

As the process narrows and screening continues we reach a small group of highly qualified top talent of 4-6 candidates to present to you.

The war for talent must be a priority for organizations to have or create continued success. The demand for highly skilled professionals with IT, Compliance, Risk Management, and Leadership deliverables has never been greater. Our firm is on the leading edge of market intelligence that could position you for excellence in every aspect of your business.

Myths About Executive Search

Contingency search results in more hires.

Contingency search is a viable solution in certain scenarios, not when you are looking the greatest probability of success. Only 18% of contingency searches result in a hire vs 90% with an executive search.

“Executive Search” is only for executives.

We dispel that myth by deploying the same high standards we use on C-level positions for VP level positions and everything in between.

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