Rhonemus Group is one of the leading executive search consulting firms supporting the Banking, and Fintech industries across the United States.

Founded by a 30-year veteran of the financial services and recruitment industries, we deliver talent management, career management, and succession planning services to our clients and candidates.

With offices in Wilmington, NC and Columbus, OH, our passion is to make you better in every aspect of talent management, from social media to succession. Our focus on the candidate is about career management, and long term success. Our dedicated search teams are committed to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Values

As an expert in executive search we are in the trenches hearing, seeing, and predicting talent management trends, as well as economic conditions. We understand the important role we play in the placement process with the candidate and the client. We are uniquely qualified to counsel and guide our candidates and clients to their greatest career, or greatest hire. This is not taken lightly.

Some of the questions we think about as we assess candidates and clients are:

Would we work for them?

Would we write a check out of our personal account to hire the candidate?

Will this improve the client’s position in the market as a leader?

Will this candidate improve their and their family’s life?

This is personal to our candidates and clients, and that makes it personal to us. Whether we are talking to a group of Millennials about career management, a board about their executive leadership, or a new CEO on how to build a winning team, we take a personal approach.

We pool our collective knowledge to bring it to bear on every engagement. We can ramble about our deliverables, but it’s best to hear it from our clients:

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    Rhonemus Group, through an extensive search for a very specific opportunity for their client, identified me. From the initial correspondence, to the multiple interviews, to negotiating the terms, to the offer and follow up after joining the company, the Rhonemus Group was thorough and professional. I appreciated the coaching and candid advise as I felt well prepared for each call and interview. I can now attest to that their assessment of the company; the corporate culture and the senior leadership was very accurate. I am extremely grateful to Brian and Kate for their keen judgement on a great fit for me and the company. I highly recommend the Rhonemus Group for both clients and candidates.

    Jeanette A.

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    I have known Brian since 2003. I first met him when I was a candidate for a position he was recruiting for. I really appreciated going through the job application process with Brian. He took the time to address all of my questions and I felt 100% confident that I had a good understanding of the organization and position I was being considered for. Since that time Brian and I have stayed in touch and I appreciate the interest he has continued to show in my career. He is totally committed to his clients and his candidates and is a smart, enthusiastic and effective executive.

    Jessica Richardson-Isenegger, Partner, In-Fusion Group.

The Rhonemus Group Team

Brian Rhonemus


Speaking Engagements

Since 2001, Brian Rhonemus has been a featured guest speaker at state bank conventions across the US on HR-related issues with a focus on succession planning, talent management, and employee retention.

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