Compensation is a critical factor in supporting your strategic goals, objectives and value.

Our approach to compensation is directly tied to talent acquisition strategies and current market trends. Knowledge is power, applies to Compensation more today than ever in our past. Our team leverages “live” data cuts at the core of our compensation consulting. Our depth in Executive Search  provides real data others can only dream about.


The demand for talent at the SVP level and above will continue to expand despite the increase of M&A activity spurred by baby boomer retirement. Boards and Compensation committees understand the value of accurate market data supported by verified real time data. Our ability to leverage real data represents great value to both private and public banks.


With increased liability from the financial crisis, Directors should be compensated based on their peer group. Our ability to track and report on Director compensation beyond public companies represents great value to Directors and Compensation committees.


We retain compensation data on every position we come in contact with in Financial Services. Many of these positions are not covered in traditional compensation surveys providing market intelligence that is hard to find.

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Compensation Governance

Despite the current media push to change the perception of reduced regulatory pressure, the state and federal regulators are still very concerned about runaway compensation and equity plans. In some cases, MRA’s are being issued requesting 3rd party analysis on compensation plans to support or justify existing plans.

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Compensation Communication

Our team supports effective compensation communication to your team. Our data supports your compensation philosophy and will help with employee retention. There are many external resources that did not exist several years ago. It is much better for your organization to drive the perception instead of your employees getting this information from a possible external unverified third party. The value is your ability to control the message.

Compensation Surveys

Our surveys are highly customized and specific to a position function or level. A customized solution can help identify areas where published large scale surveys neglect key data points.


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