If anyone had it in their plan or risk assessment that we would be sitting in 2020 with one of the greatest economic surges in our lifetime to see it all come to a crashing halt in a few short weeks-good for you! The reality is that this is the making of a horror film,… Continue reading


RHONEMUS GROUP ADDS JOHN DURANT TO SUPPORT EXPANSION September 10, 2019 – (Columbus, OH)-Rhonemus Group ( the Columbus, OH based talent management firm, is pleased to announce the addition of John Durant to our team as SVP, Executive Search Consultant to further support our growth across the US. John Durant John Durant joined Rhonemus Group… Continue reading

Rhonemus Group Expands to Build a National Mortgage Banking Practice

Press Release For immediate release Contact: Brian Rhonemus, CEO 614.686.4409 Sanford Rose Associates® – Rhonemus Group Columbus, Ohio RHONEMUS GROUP EXPANDS MORTGAGE TO A NATIONAL PRACTICE February 14, 2018 – (Columbus, OH)-Sanford Rose Associates® – Rhonemus Group ( the Columbus, OH based search firm, is pleased to announce the recent growth of its Mortgage… Continue reading

Oops Wells Fargo Did It Again

Even after numerous recent transgressions, Wells Fargo is experiencing more trouble. Several lawsuits are in the works against them, claiming that the bank changed the terms of bankrupt borrowers’ mortgages without their consent. Extended Plans They lowered monthly payments yet they extended the duration of the loans which increase the interest they would pay over… Continue reading

It’s Not Just Banks with a Stake in Achieving Regulatory Relief

The administration is releasing a report detailing possible regulatory reform that will ease overly restrictive regulations that are hindering banks and their customers. This could free up more lending resources and reduce the obstacles between banks and customers, and give people more financial choice. Hopefully it will address areas such as liquidity, capital requirements, and… Continue reading

The Art of Dealing with Too Big to Fail

Here’s what to make of President Trump’s comments about breaking up banks. President Trump has expressed his interest in putting protections in place and separating consumer and investment banks. Yet he has suggested eliminating Dodd-Frank many times. The Risks In the U.S. there are indeed financial institutions, corporations, and manufacturers who would devastate the economy… Continue reading

Wall Street Gives Trump’s First 100 Days a Passing Grade

As Trump approaches the first 100 day benchmark of his presidency, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up almost 6% signaling a passing grade. Some Faring Better Than Others Surprisingly, the financial sectors were only up modestly as doubts about regulatory reform percolate. Yet utilities and consumer staples performed better than expected. Some areas… Continue reading

Feds Find Common Ground with Treasury on Regulatory Relief

Treasury Department Report Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair, commented on the recent Treasury Department report that recommends many changes to the post-recession regulatory rules. She expressed that she shares many of its goals including easing regulatory burden. She’s also in agreement with the report’s critical views of the Volcker Rule. Some Disagreement Yet there are… Continue reading