1st Q 2021 Market Recap

There is a collective sigh of relief from many around the country that we survived the first three months of a new administration, and all that comes along while beating down a Pandemic that will continue to be front page news for many more months to come. The first three months of the New Year… Continue reading

Press Release: 2021 OBL HR Conference

Press Release For immediate release Contact: Brian Rhonemus, CEO brianr@rhonemusgroup.com 614.686.4409 RHONEMUS GROUP IS SET AS A KEYNOTE SPEAKER AND SPONSOR OF THE 2021 OHIO BANKERS LEAGUE HR CONFERENCE Feb 26, 2021 – (Wilmington, NC)-Rhonemus Group (www.rhonemusgroup.com), the Wilmington, NC based talent management firm, is pleased to announce that we will be speaking on two… Continue reading

Career Development for the Next Generation Banker

Career Development for the Next Generation Banker Either you graduated college or high school recently or are going to in the next couple of months. As a parent of a recent college grad, as much as we love you, we want you off our “payroll”, and onto bigger and better things. When I started my… Continue reading

How to Leverage Personality Assessments Beyond Prehire

HOW TO LEVERAGE PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS BEYOND PREHIRE The use of pre-hire screening assessments is a widely used set of tools to help in over 80% of senior level positions, and over 50% of junior level positions. There are a variety of tools to test specific position requirements, and culture fit. Today we are going to… Continue reading

7 Tips to Leverage Assessment Tools

7 TIPS TO LEVERAGE ASSESSMENT TOOLS Our tips on how to leverage Assessment tools will help you develop and manage your career. There is significant value in self-reflection and the use of personality tools. The best tools deliver a personality assessment in addition to a matching component. We use this type of testing on every… Continue reading

Conducting a Great Performance Review

Conducting A Great Performance Review   As a leader, one of the most important functions you have is the annual review you conduct with your direct reports. This process is usually looked at as a one time a year event where you get to tell your colleague how they are doing. It is usually a scheduled event, with lots of surprise and intrigue attached… Continue reading

The Rhonemus Group 2021 Banking Outlook

THE RHONEMUS GROUP 2021 BANKING OUTLOOK We are several weeks into 2021, and we are still experiencing never before seen things. A prolonged Pandemic, weakened commercial and consumer portfolios, margin compression, and an inauguration that will go down in history. Many of you are registered or will be registering for the usual and customary new… Continue reading

Managing your Post Covid Banking Career

Managing your Post COVID Banking Career in 5 Steps: The COVID has created an interesting workplace dynamic and in many cases made it more difficult to be recognized for your hard work and efforts especially if you have been working remote. It has never been more important to have a plan to manage your banking… Continue reading

7 Tips to Become a Named Succession Candidate

7 TIPS TO BECOME A NAMED SUCCESSION CANDIDATE We are often asked to help our bank clients with writing and implementing their Succession Plan.  This experience allows us to help candidates position themselves to be named as a potential successor. The majority of our executive searches rarely have internal candidates. In many cases, the talent… Continue reading

7 Steps to a Merger Resistant Succession Plan

7 STEPS TO A MERGER RESISTANT SUCCESSION PLAN The value in having a written and well communicated Succession Plan impacts every employee, shareholder, and community for every community bank in America. A high-quality plan will help you identify key players, develop a plan to support their career path, and prevent you from being a target… Continue reading