Wall Street Gives Trump’s First 100 Days a Passing Grade

As Trump approaches the first 100 day benchmark of his presidency, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up almost 6% signaling a passing grade. Some Faring Better Than Others Surprisingly, the financial sectors were only up modestly as doubts about regulatory reform percolate. Yet utilities and consumer staples performed better than expected. Some areas… Continue reading

Feds Find Common Ground with Treasury on Regulatory Relief

Treasury Department Report Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair, commented on the recent Treasury Department report that recommends many changes to the post-recession regulatory rules. She expressed that she shares many of its goals including easing regulatory burden. She’s also in agreement with the report’s critical views of the Volcker Rule. Some Disagreement Yet there are… Continue reading

7 Tips to Protect Your Credit

Protect your credit. Sounds simple, right? There was a time in our recent past when our clients had some flexibility with candidates who had bad credit or poor credit as a result of the financial meltdown. Some of our clients had zero tolerance for hiring people with bad credit, while others thought it was a… Continue reading

What Are You Doing to Attract and Retain Top Talent?

Deutsche Bank Now Wooing London Staff with Craft Coffees Attractive Incentives Deutsche Bank is trying to provide attractive incentives for its employees. Soon the bank will have a hip coffee stand in the lobby. Deutsch employees will be able to pick up their favorite caffeinated beverage without even leaving the building. Some employees are quite… Continue reading

Does Your Board Have a Plan For Dealing with Activist Investors?

How to Outsmart Activist Investors In light of the many recent activist interventions into corporations and executive boards, companies are becoming savvier about dealing with these situations. Preparation is critical. Is your company prepared to outsmart activist investors? Here are some strategies to address this possibility. Have a Clear Strategic Focus and Stick to It… Continue reading

Compliance Might Not Be Sexy But There’s Nowhere I’d Rather Work In Banking. Here’s Why.

Positions in compliance are not usually as popular as face-to-face roles, yet there are many reasons why compliance is a great area in which to work. Regulations continue to be an important and evolving aspect to the banking industry; and being involved in this area can be very fulfilling. Junior level professionals have the opportunity… Continue reading

Seven Interview Questions Millennials Will Always Be Asked

Banks often struggle to retain Millennials in their workforce; therefore, they use well-crafted questions to hone in on candidates who will stay long-term. 1. What are your short-term career goals? Interviewers use this question to assess whether candidates will leave once they get a better opportunity. 2. What are your long-term career goals? This question… Continue reading

Banks Hire Like They Believe in Trump

Bankers seem to be encouraged by Donald Trump’s promises to cut banking regulations. In the March jobs report, finance was among the categories that outperformed with a 2.7% annualized increase from December. That is the quickest quarter-on-quarter growth since 2006. Banking on Deregulation The increase in hiring seems to apply to national growth not just… Continue reading