More Biglaw Firms Join the Future of Law Practice by Offering Telecommuting Programs

Morgan Lewis & Bockius recently announced a new telecommute program for their associates. Their more senior attorneys can now work remotely for up to two days per week. The program has been viewed as a success for work/life balance and other firms have taken notice.

Jackson Lewis implemented a similar program that allows attorneys the flexibility to work remotely as needed. The firm’s chairman expressed that it was a needed program to attract elite level talent and meet the needs of clients. Another firm, Baker McKenzie, has announced a similar plan for not just lawyers but for all of its employees.

AmLaw Daily reports that the program is beneficial for all age groups and genders due to each person’s unique life responsibilities. CTO Peter May expressed that a flexible work environment increases engagement and productivity which is a win-win for everyone. Could this be the wave of the future?