How You Are Sabotaging Your Banking Career

Have you found that your banking career has hit a standstill even though you are well qualified? You could be on unintentionally blocking your own success. Here are some ways you may be unknowingly keeping yourself from career advancement.

Working too hard and expecting too much too fast.

The banking business strong collaboration skills. Be careful not to approach it as a solo endeavor. There is also a steep learning curve in the banking field that must be considered.

Focusing only on your competencies.

Scoring high on your competencies is great. But it’s also important to see where you are scoring in your deficiencies in terms of performance, and improve in those areas.

Over focusing on a particular professional ally or small group of allies.

Don’t place all of your bets on one person. It’s beneficial to create relationships across the board. People come and go and it’s good to have a variety of established relationships within the company.

Lack of leadership skills.

Take the initiative to learn strong leadership skills on your own since most banks don’t train in that area, yet strong leadership skills are imperative for career advancement.

Not giving back.

Look out for others instead of being too self-oriented. Succeeding at the expense of others that can be a career killer.

Negative personality traits.

The intangible nature of your personality can make it difficult to see your negative aspects. Some are more obvious than others, and even positive traits can be viewed as a negative in the banking profession.

Lacking in empathy.

In banking you need to be able to relate to many different types of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The ability to connect with people and be sensitive to individuals is critical. Use lunchtime to connect with people in different departments and see how you can help them.