Biometrics Catching on with Credit Unions for Employees and Members

Biometric authentication is a technology that is making its way into credit unions. It’s allowing them to focus more on productivity and member services. While most biometrics are for members to use to gain quick and accurate access to their accounts, more and more credit unions are expanding into using the technology to help employees access their various platforms.

Biometrics in Credit Unions

Fiserv Verifast Palm Authentication technology uses a non-intrusive mouse that’s equipped with a palm reader which identifies the employee’s vein pattern in their palm. Simply placing your hand on the mouse verifies the user. The technology is designed to work with other products as well. This improves efficiency for staff members who must normally use numerous logins and passwords in a day.

The technology started taking off with mobile banking and payments and now has successfully found its way into credit unions. Which makes life easier for members and staffers alike.