Three Tips for Hiring Frontline Staff

I recently had the privilege of joining Sanford Rose Associates – Rhonemus Group. My first search assignment was to find a Member Services/Loan Representative for a $400 MM Midwest Credit Union.

Within the first week of my search I was able to identify four qualified candidates. I took the time to fully vest and screen the candidates before presenting them to the team so I knew they would be the right fit. The results? Instead of placing only one candidate for the FASECU team, they filled three roles!

I find when searching for prospective Retail/Frontline candidates keeping some tips in mind can help attract the top talent that is right for your Credit Union.

First, when recruiting and hiring, be open to different titles and backgrounds.

Yes, it is easy to identify candidates with the Personal Banker/Member Services Rep titles but you never know where your superstar is hiding. A great example of this tip is I recently recruited someone whose current role was working in Rodeo Promotions. By talking to the candidate about her experience in her current role I discovered many similarities in sales, marketing and customer service that a retail banking role would need. The experience and knowledge was there; they were just wrapped in a different title and field.

Second, listen to the candidate and read between the lines.

I was speaking to a potential candidate and while he was telling me how interested he was in the role and client, he would have small objections about sales goals. After discussing further, I uncovered that retail banking may not be the right field and we decided to focus on other potential opportunities. By listening and picking up on subtle clues I was able to come to the decision to not submit this candidate for any open retail banking needs.

My final tip is to make a connection, and be responsive and available to your candidates.

While I was attending college, I worked as a teller/banker so I understand the candidate’s lingo, schedules and environment which helps build a connection. I continue to check in and make sure if my candidates have any questions or concerns I am addressing them right away so there are no surprises or lack of communication when it comes to placing them in the right role!

Are you looking to hire top talent?

Let me put these tips to work for you. If you need the right candidate for your Credit Union I can help. Contact me to discuss your needs.