7 Steps to a Merger Resistant Succession Plan


The value in having a written and well communicated Succession Plan impacts every employee, shareholder, and community for every community bank in America. A high-quality plan will help you identify key players, develop a plan to support their career path, and prevent you from being a target of activist investors. Our 7 tips will help you create and implement a Merger Resistant Succession Plan:

  • Set your strategic direction
  • Identifying key leadership positions, and people
  • Define the competencies and motivational profile required to excel in those key roles
  • Analyze your current organizational chart & talent –assess the people against these criteria – with a future orientation
  • Identify pools of talent that could potentially fill and perform highly in those key roles
  • Develop employees to be ready for advancement into these key roles – primarily through the right set of experiences
  • Monitor, evaluate, and revise strategies

For more information on how Rhonemus Group can help you develop and implement a high-quality written merger resistant succession plan, contact Brian Rhonemus at (614) 686-4409, or brianr@rhonemusgroup.com.