Your Bonus is Finally what?

Your 2022 Bonus Finally Paid

We are surging toward Q2, and your year-end 2022 bonus was finally paid out. What’s next?

It could be building that pool, or some other home improvement project. What about taking some of that hard earned incentive and investing in your most valuable asset-YOU!

Now is not the time to hide your head in the sand like an ostrich. It is time to take control of your banking career to manage it to the greatest financial impact for you and your family. Do not listen to all the negative media reports on doom and gloom and the collapse that is coming.

Yes, times are going to be tough for a few months but now is the time to understand your market value as an “A” candidate and go after your new compensation or incentive plan to maximize your road to financial independence. Another great way to increase your market value is to invest in more training and skill development to broaden the distance between you and the second or third best candidates in any given market.

There is always a demand for top talent no matter what is happening with the economy. Top talent is defined as the top 10-15% of the candidate pool in any given market. Our suggestions on how to make you recession proof!

Develop your own Training & Development Program

  • Know your metrics to be an “A” caliber candidate!
  • Be honest about your development needs!
  • Invest in weekly skills building!
  • Join Toastmasters to sharpen your Speaking Skills
  • Get aggressive in branding yourself as a Leader in your space!
  • Get back to work face to face-be seen and heard!

The elephant in the room remains to be counteroffers, and the non-counteroffer, counteroffer.

Our advice to you is DO NOT TAKE A COUNTEROFFER, ever. There is good reason you went on that interview and met with 4-6 people, submitted to a background check and perhaps a drug screen. This counteroffer dynamic will have a negative impact on your market value and your reputation if you cry wolf one too many times. What happens if you fail to handle this situation professionally and your bank is sold to the bank that you interviewed with?

We are nearing end of Q1 of our Topics Schedule to keep you better informed as a candidate and hiring manager.  As a reminder each month we share new or revised content tailored to a hiring manager and candidate perspective. We will share new articles and content on:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Succession Planning
  • Fintech Career Management Tips
  • How to Return to the Office
  • Converting your Retail Talent to Lending Talent
  • Retention Strategies

In addition to recruiting for our clients, we made a couple key hires to help expand and grow our footprint in the Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast US. We welcomed Brian Miller to our team as SVP, Southeast Market Leader, Dylan Slotterback as Recruiter Development Rep, Brenna Greenhalgh as Research Specialist and Taylor Moore was promoted to Operations Director.

We will be attending several in person events over the next couple of months.  If there is content you would like us to address, or have feedback on any of the topics, please contact us.

Good luck in finishing out Q1!