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Deutsche Bank Now Wooing London Staff with Craft Coffees

Attractive Incentives

Deutsche Bank is trying to provide attractive incentives for its employees. Soon the bank will have a hip coffee stand in the lobby. Deutsch employees will be able to pick up their favorite caffeinated beverage without even leaving the building.

Some employees are quite skeptical. Deutsche Bank decided not to pay performance bonuses and 2016; their employee satisfaction survey plummeted to below 50%. And their next survey, which is due out in July is expected to be even worse unless they do something to boost morale.

What’s Really Going On?

A senior trader at the bank doesn’t think a coffee stand is the way to do it. He thinks most of his team will ignore it.

Sam Wisnia, the newly promoted head of Deutsche Bank’s rates and FX business flew his team on a private jet that he personally rented to Washington for meetings. Deutsche’s CEO John Cryan doesn’t support this type of thing. However he may want to come up with some more impressive perks if he wants a higher satisfaction rating among his employees.


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