Seven Interview Questions Millennials Will Always Be Asked

Banks often struggle to retain Millennials in their workforce; therefore, they use well-crafted questions to hone in on candidates who will stay long-term.

1. What are your short-term career goals?

Interviewers use this question to assess whether candidates will leave once they get a better opportunity.

2. What are your long-term career goals?

This question helps interviewers identify whether a candidate is realistic about their career goals in the banking industry.

3. How do you handle feedback?

This question is asked to ascertain whether the candidate can handle direction and guidance. It also shows their level of general resilience.

4. What’s your ideal work schedule?

Although this may sound like a trick question, it is meant to gauge the candidate’s ability to work long hours and be available outside of office hours.

5. How do you define rewarding work?

This question is often asked to see if the candidate is realistic about the work they will be doing in this industry.

6. What is your ideal work environment or company culture?

Interviewers often use this question to see if there is a cultural fit between the candidate and the company.

7. What are some of your hobbies?

This question is asked to get a little deeper into understanding the type of person the candidate is, and if they will be enjoyable to work with on a regular basis.

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