How to Leverage Personality Assessments Beyond Prehire


The use of pre-hire screening assessments is a widely used set of tools to help in over 80% of senior level positions, and over 50% of junior level positions. There are a variety of tools to test specific position requirements, and culture fit. Today we are going to share information on how you can leverage a personality assessment that will help you select, motivate, and retain your top talent.

Our testing platform PDPWorks, offers our clients a comprehensive approach to each stage of the talent management process. Our team carries the designation of Certified PDP Professional. The PDP Professional course is designed for individuals to participate in a rich learning environment to master the understanding of people dynamics and PDP’s people management system. The PDP system has been administered over 5 million times and is EEOC approved. A staggering 96% of people surveyed since 1977 agree with their survey results.

Our case study for this example is one of the top state banking associations in the United Sates with nearly 200 member banks, and one of the most active associate member bases around. This association is the result of the merger of two different associations many years ago. When the newly merged company had a leadership change at the CEO level, our firm started a consulting partnership that spans several retained searches, and talent management projects over the past 7 years.

This white paper outlines our most recent completed retained search-Managing Director. This was the fourth search using the PDPWorks tool for this client. The Managing Director project was designed to execute a Succession Planning search to replace the retiring Managing Director. Our search process included an in-depth discussion and review of the role, team dynamics and objectives. One of the most important aspects of this process is the individual PDPWorks ProScan assessment for each hiring manager, candidate, and Job Dynamics report. Asking a hiring manager or in this case multiple hiring managers to complete an individual psychometric assessment can sometimes be intimidating if they have not been exposed to this type of process in hiring for their team.

PDPWorks ProScan-depending on the selection, this report contains up to 11 distinct assessments. For this purpose, we will focus on the one we used for the Managing Director-Personal Dynamics. The Personal Dynamics report is an 18-page comprehensive assessment. This is one of the most powerful assessment tools we’ve ever seen in over 25 years of using psychometric testing platforms. This assessment as a stand-alone tool adds an incredible amount of data to your Talent Management toolbox. The process is simple and easy to follow.

PDP JDA Survey– The JDA (JobScan) is given to each hiring manager involved to answer based on what they believe is critical for the role being hired. This is an important distinction. This assessment complimented with the Personal Dynamics will help create and drive the matching process based on well-founded research and science.

Job Matching Report-the Job Matching report can be paired with the Interview Guide to uncover concerns with the hardest areas to assess when hiring candidates-fit to culture, team dynamics and energy. The Interview Guide, if used with all candidates on a specific position creates a consistent process and help you eliminate bias.

TeamScan-The TeamScan helps you create effective dynamic team communication across your organization. During this phase you move from recruiting and onboarding, to performance and retention. This tool is best used collaboratively across a group, department or business unit. Many of our clients leverage this tool for quarterly off site and annual planning meetings.

When combined with the JDA Survey, and Interview Guide this platform outperforms others in its class.

Most hiring managers are not trained on how to recruit, interview, and onboard new team members.

By leveraging the different components of the PDPWorks platform we were able to increase our speed, effectiveness, and success rate to 100% on each of our completed projects.

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