Compliance Might Not Be Sexy But There’s Nowhere I’d Rather Work In Banking. Here’s Why.

Positions in compliance are not usually as popular as face-to-face roles, yet there are many reasons why compliance is a great area in which to work. Regulations continue to be an important and evolving aspect to the banking industry; and being involved in this area can be very fulfilling.

  • Junior level professionals have the opportunity to work side-by-side with front office and higher level management in investment banking.
  • Many regulatory issues arise daily, and this is a fast way to learn the business.
  • A compliance role is a technical position that also allows you to grow and develop interpersonal and professional skills. You are able to network and provide valuable solutions at the same time.
  • Complex regulatory issues often need to be resolved quickly so that it doesn’t pose a risk to business deals. This gives you the opportunity to act fast in coming up with creative solutions, presenting them, and putting them into action.
  • You learn a lot about risk management, operations, and profit drivers for the business.
  • Building trust and not getting in the way of growth can be creative challenges. You learn to come up with innovative solutions instead of just saying “no.”

Compliance may not be sexy but when you grow professionally to be a valuable and trusted ally in the industry then you become sought-after for your expertise.


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