June 26th, 2023 – (Wilmington, NC)-Rhonemus Group (www.rhonemusgroup.com) the Wilmington, NC based talent management firm, is pleased to announce that we have joined the Independent Bankers Association of New York State, a prominent and influential bank association dedicated to supporting and promoting the banking industry in New York.

The decision to join IBANYS reflects our firm’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the banking sector and our dedication to fostering strong partnerships within the industry. We are excited to align ourselves with a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that shares our passion for advancing the banking landscape in New York. We thank John Witkowski, CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of New York for engaging in this partnership with Rhonemus Group.

IBANYS has a rich history of advocating for community banks and serving as their trusted voice in the state of New York. As a member, we have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse network of industry professionals, including bankers, regulators, and other stakeholders, to address the challenges and opportunities faced by the banking community. “We are thrilled to become a member of IBANYS and to work hand in hand with the association to drive positive change and growth in New York’s banking sector,” says David Dermody, SVP Market Leader of Rhonemus Group.

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